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Wot's new pussy cat ?

When you download it from the app store is seems to disappear, and you want to make a backup don't you ?

Here's what to do:

Make a .dmg copy after downloading by Rt clicking installer in dock > Show In Finder > Make Duplicate .

Or mount DMG and use disk utility to duplicate it, you'll see it in the Apps folder. Keep it on a USB or separate drive

It moves incompatible 3rd party stuff to a folder it creates for you. You can then look out for updates from those developers.

Lots of trainers have been trying it out and word is that it's snappier all round, not as buggy as Lion.

Works on legacy FCP, FCPX, Motion no bugs reported.

I'm about to do my own tests, but have a big project on, so daren't go over wholesale for a couple of days. I have it on a partition.

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