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Future of FCS ?


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Back from the Apple trainer's conference at Munich. A great time was had by all, and we even did some work too amongst all the socialising with colleagues from all over Europe.
Latest is these one day introductions to Color and Soundtrack, with Motion coming very soon. They are designed to get you up to speed and inspire you to use all of FC Studio.
We'll be putting some on at NSOS so keep you eyes peeled!

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Here's a link to Black Magic Design's website

so you can have a shufty at Resolve. There are lots of shiny shots of the controllers, and less of the actual grading but you can read aaaaaaal about it!
We are still kicking ourselves for not buying more raffle tickets!

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Why Motion is better for slowing clips

If you are slowing clips in FCP you are by default using frame blending. Below 50% or so it starts to look nasty.

Motion, however has more to offer....optical flow!

When you send a clip from your timeline in FCP to Motion original timings are transferred, including variable speed. Make sure the embed option is checked.

In the timing drop down in Motion's inspector there's a drop down for frame blending.


Blending...which is what FCP uses

Motion Blur… Continue

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Free! Beta testing software! It's really good and we can contribute to development.

‘get’ streamlines the process of identifying and selecting the right content for any project by aggregating this phonetic index with all other available metadata which means the user can search based on actual and relevant spoken words within their content in addition to the Finder level data (file name, creation date etc.) or FCP metadata (column information within a project).

Once results are found and… Continue

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Link to Philip Bloom's site

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sync problem? could be hardware

Someone contacted me off list about a sync problem. Rushes DVCam tapes were in sync. Once in the timeline things seemed to slide out of syc randomly.

We talked through the set up and all seemed well, though it seems this problem occurred once or twice before.

First port of call, Creative Cow forums. Chances are that it won't be a software bug if you can't find it on the forums.

If the software has been causing no trouble then check your hardware and cables. Plug in other devices,… Continue

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from my mate Snowdrum

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Congratulations to the new people who passed their exam on Friday !
Another batch of people survived the biscuit and cake course at Teesside and I look forward to them joining here.

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I'm doing a 2 day Avid introduction so's I can be more use to the Avid editors learning FCP. I'd like to see version 5 before making any pronouncements....

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Share in FCP 7

This is a link to a Ken Stone article.
I'm going to gather more good compression articles for you delectation, leaving out the old ones and incorrect one that come up in searches !

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Plugins of the groovy kind

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Plugins of the groovy kind

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Teesside FCP

Next week a new batch of people are going through the hell of software and crisp biscuits! Look out for new members.

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Just in from Dan in Boston

I know we moved from Facebook, but Boston FCP user group are still there, so here's a FB link.
It's worth a look as we could get some ideas of what we want this group to be about.
There will be a Supermeet in Amsterdam. Lots of prizes donated by companies are to be won, big things and small useful things.
I'm going to go !

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Newshounds might like this...GET phonetic recognition software for FCP etc

Teesside lad Paul Goodison's company made this !

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Teeside FCP

Well done to the hard grafting attendees on the Teesside course. I made them chomp through biscuits and cakes, and still they managed to do well !

Added by Barbara Keating on June 3, 2010 at 17:53 — 1 Comment

Latest on the Cow

Creative COW

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Enjoyed the Supermeet in London on Friday, even though it was unusually quiet as far as FCPX went. Mike Horton was heard to say near the end :It is the future of editing , believe it or not" Obviously I do or I wouldn't still be using it.What was most notable was the demo of Resolve 10, from Blackmagic. They has a third party looking after their stall, and no camera for us to play with, as they were off at some bi trade fair. Resolve 10 is now almost a complete fully fledged NLE, and worth…See More
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