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Free! Beta testing software! It's really good and we can contribute to development.

‘get’ streamlines the process of identifying and selecting the right content for any project by aggregating this phonetic index with all other available metadata which means the user can search based on actual and relevant spoken words within their content in addition to the Finder level data (file name, creation date etc.) or FCP metadata (column information within a project).

Once results are found and… Continue

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Link to Philip Bloom's site

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sync problem? could be hardware

Someone contacted me off list about a sync problem. Rushes DVCam tapes were in sync. Once in the timeline things seemed to slide out of syc randomly.

We talked through the set up and all seemed well, though it seems this problem occurred once or twice before.

First port of call, Creative Cow forums. Chances are that it won't be a software bug if you can't find it on the forums.

If the software has been causing no trouble then check your hardware and cables. Plug in other devices,… Continue

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