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Enjoyed the Supermeet in London on Friday, even though it was unusually quiet as far as FCPX went. Mike Horton was heard to say near the end :It is the future of editing , believe it or not" Obviously I do or I wouldn't still be using it.

What was most notable was the demo of Resolve 10, from Blackmagic. They has a third party looking after their stall, and no camera for us to play with, as they were off at some bi trade fair. Resolve 10 is now almost a complete fully fledged NLE, and…


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Mouuntain Lion install must read

Wot's new pussy cat ?

When you download it from the app store is seems to disappear, and you want to make a backup don't you ?

Here's what to do:

Make a .dmg copy after downloading by Rt clicking installer in dock > Show In Finder > Make Duplicate .

Or mount DMG and use disk utility to duplicate it, you'll see it in the Apps folder. Keep it on a USB or separate drive

It moves incompatible 3rd party stuff to a folder it creates for you. You can then…


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FCPX Level 2

Well I now have the Trainer cert for this. It's actually a nice book, with lots on finishing and grading. If you don't want to do a course just check out the APTS book, and any of the usual suspects for training.

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BBC TV Fast Train

Fantastic, well organised day on Wednesday. I had great chats with the TV in the Wild Masterclass people. Good to be on emailing terms with Dale Templar, Olly Steeds and John Conroy. They are all interested in the OUT (Open University of Tanzania) project that I'm involved with, and had some great advice to help it move forward. Watch this space as they say.

Also got some really good training on the Canon XF 300, production workflows and a 2 hour session with Brigit Osborne of Hard…


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BBC TV Fast Train

I'm very excited to be going to this event in London next week. We'll be catching up on the latest industry workflows and going to masterclasses...and a cheeky network drinks sesh later on of course! Can't be all work in that there London.

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Motion recipes and Level 2 FCPX ?

Well, the ball has started rolling, with requests for text effects and masking over video.

Gunfire is another one!

Keep 'em coming, it's early days yet!

Anything you always wanted a simple explanation for in Motion 5 folks!

Level 2 FCPX is now available, and it's a really nice course. Well structured with a lot on colour correction and audio features, more about using compound clips for complex workflows, truly lovely multicam....on and…


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BECTU camera training ?

BECTU are doing camera training peer to peer on the Canon CF 300. WOuld anyone like to this kind of event as part of the Toon group meets ?

Any other requests ?

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Motion recipes ?

What about when you want to do some smart motion graphics and fx, but don't want to buy templates and don't want to learn the whole app through hours of tutorials ?

Name 10 things you would most like to do and let me know.

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WOW! Resolve !…

These guys are doing a giveaway of free training in Resolve. We saw a demo at the Amsterdam and London Supermeets, and were desperate to win a copy of Resolve.

I've always been a fan of Color, and still use it, but Resolve is taking over now that Color is EOLed.

In other news, I've been teaching some bespoke FCPX training for rather important people ;-)

Result was a 3 day…


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FCPX is taking off

It's a little while since I posted news, but i've been a bit busy with editing and now FCPX training is starting up. Interestingly the first session was with school teachers , but before you start crying iMovie on steroids and all those other uninformed things I have to tell you that now it's staff in a University. I did a bespoke training for a VJ course leader, and now the rest of the staff want in on the action !

There are still workflows that FCPX is not going to cover,…


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Our very own film festival prize winner !

James McAleer, who is a member of this drop, name drop...... has been winning acclaim and prizes with his film "Invertebrate"  which he edited on FCP7

Here's an interview with him.

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Urban Research 2012: Call for Submission!

6 years of successful programming Urban Research, and each year has been surprising and new. And I would like to ask you, if you have related work we have not shown, or if you could recommend any artists or art work. Here is my call:

Urban Research 2012: Call for Submission!

The program Urban Research, curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr for Directors Lounge 2012, reaches beyond the genre “city films”. Contemporary artists are engaged in local politics, they…


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*¨°¨* Call for entries: We want you for DL 2012 *¨°¨*

The 8th Berlin International Directors Lounge: Call for entries 2012

We invite all video artists and filmmakers to submit their works for next year's Berlin International Directors Lounge.

The 8th Berlin International Directors Lounge, the annual festival for contemporary media and film alongside

the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival, will take place from 9 -19th of February, 2012 at the Naherholung Sternchen in Berlin-Mitte.

Again we…


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Walter Murch! Talking at Boston Supermeet.

It's always a good time to listen to this truly humble, generous creative man!

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Sorry for the radio silence. I had a sinus operation, and fell coming home from hospital. I now have a fractured foot!

I'm off the the AATC/E conference in Manchester and will keep you up to speed with all the latest from FCPX. We're going to be seeing a lot of uses of the iPad in the classroom, so eyes peeled for clever stuff.

Ive also got a preview invitation for this show ( I edited the artist's video).…


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Testing FCP X

I just re-created a recent edit I completed, in FCP7, in FCPX. I'm still slow as I don't have the "muscle memory" developed by years of using the same app. 

This edit involved re-timing, steadying, resizing, distorting, cropping, and grading. It was really all much quicker overall, and the transcodes and analysis worked just fine.

Overall, the app is quicker, and I will be soon !


Have a look at the wish list on the links page to see what everyone else is asking…


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Amongst the furore...........

There are a number of more measured responses coming out just now about the new FCP X, after the initial hysteria.

It's not there for everyone yet, but if you take the trouble to read this, or come to the live meet up you should see that a lot of the hoo haa was really about people not know how to do things in FCP xthat they did in FCP 7


Read this


I've been using it, and…


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new links for the latest on FCP X. It's getting better press these days.....

"......I’ve had emails or phone calls from three different resellers telling me that Apple has notified resellers that it is offering them a one-time, two-day opportunity to buy as many copies of Final Cut Studio (3) as they want......"

Switching to Avid? Watch this..…


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Good discussion on FCPX and Motion!


This is long, but well worth watching.

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