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Can anyone help out? I am trying to convert footage to MP4 format to upload to my website. The codec I usually use in QuickTi,me Conversion (H.264) isn't suitable for this particular project which contains mainly 16mm telecined footage and digitized 35mm photographic stills. I have tried other options but they all look terrible. I successfully converted the same project to avi.

Any ideas?


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14th would be best for me - would 11am be ok? I don't have your number now as my phone crashes and I lost a few contacts! I don't think I had your address anyway.


Hi Barbara

Many thanks for your help last week in unravelling the mysteries of Compressor. Just one more problem!

When I was processsing the file using the H.264 high bandwidth streaming settings, after many hours it would fail due to Quicktime Error 50. I look this error up on various online forums and there are various responses to this. I enabled the permissions on the source file which was one solution put forward. I will try again later today. Processing was estimated at around 16 hours, but failed when it was 37% complete.  Another issue is the fact that when I pause the Batch Monitor for any reason it starts again from the beginning not where it was left off! Any online discussion of this problem seemed to all refer to Compressor 4, whereas the version I have is 2!

When I finally get this sorted I will put it on the forum.

Thanks again.


HI Brighid,

1) Is it the same sequence type  as the one we looked at and successfully exported when you were here ?

2) Check your sequence by right, or control clicking on it and going to properties. Let me know what the audio and video settings are.

3) Are you exporting a Quicktime reference file, then using that to drop into Compressor, or are you exporting a self contained QT  ? We did the reference file method here, which I favour as it is quicker and there is less quality drop.

4) Is there a possibility of a corrupt clip within that sequence ? You can download Digital Rebellion and use some of the items for free. It has a corrupt clip finder, crash analyser and you can use it to trash preferences, which often sorts things out.

5) One person seems to have cured his QT-50 error by setting background rendering to "none" in Compressor, rather than "This computer".

That's off the top of my under caffeinated brain, so I will sleuth around a bit more.

Let me know all the settings.

If we can't solve it remotely feel free to drop by again and I'll have a look.

Best of luck,


It seems it's usually a audio problem. Don't use compressed audio working in FCP , use only AIFF or WAV files, uncompressed 48k audio only in your FCP sequences.

When you come to do your export you can choose video only on your QT settings. I think that is what we did here? Could this be it?

In compressor it is OK to drop audio rate to 44k

All the best



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