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Enjoyed the Supermeet in London on Friday, even though it was unusually quiet as far as FCPX went. Mike Horton was heard to say near the end :It is the future of editing , believe it or not" Obviously I do or I wouldn't still be using it.

What was most notable was the demo of Resolve 10, from Blackmagic. They has a third party looking after their stall, and no camera for us to play with, as they were off at some bi trade fair. Resolve 10 is now almost a complete fully fledged NLE, and…


Posted by Barbara Keating on July 1, 2013 at 10:52

Mouuntain Lion install must read

Wot's new pussy cat ?

When you download it from the app store is seems to disappear, and you want to make a backup don't you ?

Here's what to do:

Make a .dmg copy after downloading by Rt clicking installer in dock > Show In Finder > Make Duplicate .

Or mount DMG and use disk utility to duplicate it, you'll see it in the Apps folder. Keep it on a USB or separate drive

It moves incompatible 3rd party stuff to a folder it creates for you. You can then…


Posted by Barbara Keating on July 27, 2012 at 12:15

FCPX Level 2

Well I now have the Trainer cert for this. It's actually a nice book, with lots on finishing and grading. If you don't want to do a course just check out the APTS book, and any of the usual suspects for training.

Posted by Barbara Keating on June 15, 2012 at 13:03

BBC TV Fast Train

Fantastic, well organised day on Wednesday. I had great chats with the TV in the Wild Masterclass people. Good to be on emailing terms with Dale Templar, Olly Steeds and John Conroy. They are all interested in the OUT (Open University of Tanzania) project that I'm involved with, and had some great advice to help it move forward. Watch this space as they say.

Also got some really good training on the Canon XF 300, production workflows and a 2 hour session with Brigit Osborne of Hard…


Posted by Barbara Keating on May 18, 2012 at 15:01


Links for general cheery news! I will keep on updating folks

Opinions on this folks ? I know it's "old news"

The lovely Richard Taylor has helpfully listified all the more relevant links for all you need on the new Mac Pro and FCPX

Oooh, shiny shiny  New Mac Pro unveiled!

I think I may have found a new home for live meets and demos ! Will let you know asap.

Here's a New Year pressie to help you create sparse disk images ! Spherico

Those of you missing FCSrvr might want to look here. Cantemo is getting good notices 

Pre-Crimbo plugin sales.

Update at last on FCPX ! You can get a free trial for 30 days. I f you are updating read the support on backing up before you update.

Red One native, paste attributes, multichannel audio...much more besides!

Walter Biscardi was a vociferous switcher from FCP  to Avid and Premiere. Here's where he's at now.

For the confused about editing terminology ;-)

XDCAM Plugin news via Christina Jones

Everyone who is having a problem with ingesting from XDCAM memory card based and are having to use XDCAM Transfer / export your footage out then import it into FCPX, Sony has created a PLUG IN for this problem.

Now you can just use the import camera option and it will open up all your clips sort of like imovie. You can select your clips, create in and outs, and while importing you can still scrub through them. You can choose the "project" or create a new project for your clips to go into. It will directly go into FCPX wrapped as an mov. But it stays native.
This is only memory card based.

If you are using optical disc, you still need to go through XDCAM Browser. However, now they have added a feature where you use a shortcut and go straight into final cut after you have imported into XDCAM Browser, rather than having to export then re-import into final cut. A new feature, is that through XDCAM Browser since you are going right into final cut after, is you can store meta-data, water marks, etc. within your clips that you have added in XDCAM Browser and it will transfer over with your clips.

This is helpful when you have assistant editors / interns and you want your editor to find clips easier / faster.

All of the upgrades are free on the sony download site.

Ripple Training Callout plugin looks useful

Blackmagic Cinema Camera review A camera made by people who understand post. Deffo worth a look.

ClipExporter is in the app store see a demo on Vimeo


Hiding events and projects in FCPX so everything doesn't load each time

Handheld 4K, yes please !

FCPX Update !

Better permissions repair for Lion!

Transition Pack for X from Digital Heaven

Really good high end panel discussion

FCP 7 on release again!

GET is still here, hurrah! It's now Boris Soundbites....

Live FX Autodesk !

Useful list of Apps that are Lion Compatible

FTP service

We are on on WOZ !

Evan Schectman "The Inconvenient Truth

Alex Snelling's "Hitler Reacts" to FCPX, and it's still funny!

Here's what Crumplepop think of FCPX

Oliver Peters thoughtful blog on editing

Pro Video Coalition resources and tutorial, Star rated!

Live updated list of FCPX links

Mac Pro Video

Ripple Training

Larry Jordan (nuff sed)


Digital Heaven resources

Digital Rebellion (When you need the cavalry)

Creative Cow Forums (Bessie's pure non-fat news)


FCPX Shared environment workflow update


Started by Barbara Keating in Sample Title Nov 9, 2014.

FCPX or no ?

Have any of you tried FCPX ? Culture show is now edited and finished in it, and here is another company who has made the move …Continue

Tags: FCPX

Started by Barbara Keating in Sample Title May 23, 2013.

MP4 files from telecined 16mm footage 16 Replies

HelloCan anyone help out? I am trying to convert footage to MP4 format to upload to my website. The codec I usually use in QuickTi,me Conversion (H.264) isn't suitable for this particular project…Continue

Tags: footage, telecine, 16MM, MP4

Started by Brighid Mulley in Sample Title. Last reply by Barbara Keating Nov 22, 2012.

MP4 file from 16mm telecine footage


Started by Brighid Mulley in Sample Title Oct 3, 2012.


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